Goose Lake MotorSport Jamboree Rules & Regulations

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  1. Technical inspectors' rulings are final.
  2. Helmet (class)    Motorcycle helmets - open face or full, Minimum snell 85, No Visible cracks or scaring (no road rash)
  3. Minimum 3 point seat belt for stock or modified class vehicles using full doors.
  4. Minimum 4 point harness on ALL open vehicles, including vehicles with NO doors (including Buggies)
  5. Open vehicles in all classes require full 4 point roll cage & 4 point harness (5 point recommended). Rollbar to consist of 1/8 wall, 1 3/4" diameter tubing with 16" square inch plate.
  6. Full cab vehicles in stock class with doors do not require a rollbar, but one is recommended.
  7. Open vehicles or vehicles with no side glass require side netting to prevent occupents from being exposed in the event of roll over. All competition/buggy/modified must have netting.
  8. Eye protection is required on vehicles without windshields. NO SUNGLASSES.
  9. No nitrous oxide is permitted with any class.
  10. Anyone deemed unfit to race by the Technical Inspectors or Race Officials will be disqualified.
  11. All racers must show proof of drivers license.
  12. All drivers and co-pilots must have long sleeve shirts, coveralls, or fire suits.
  13. No open exhaust without turn downs or spark arrestors.
  14. Steering components for all classes must be tight and welded properly.
  15. Stock and modified class must have windows in operating condition and in the up position when racing, In the event that no windows are installed or they won't go up, window nets are required.
  16. Fire extinguisher is recommended on stock and modified vehicles and required on competition vehicles, It must be mounted within reach of the driver and passenger.
  17. Fuel tanks on competition vehicles must be in box or mounted in stock position with suitable skid plate. Must be in rear of vehicle and securely mounted. If electric pump is used an a emergency shutoff switch must be installed within easy reach of driver.
  18. Comp vehicles are to have a main power switch on the outside of the vehicle clearly marked.
  19. All exterior glass (ie: lights, mirrors etc) must be removed except for stock or mod vehicles which will have to be taped.
  20. All open vehicles must have a roof covering the occupants made of steel or aluminum
  21. Vehicles must have solid flooring.
  22. 2wd and car class must have a post behind the drivers seat from the floor to the roof with minimum 16 sq inch mounting plate top and bottom.
  23. 2wd and car class seats must be solid and not broke. If the seat breaks during competition and not repairable the car will be disqualified. Racing seats designed for competition are recommended.
  24. Fire resistant gloves are recommended for all classes.
  25. Any racer or pit member found to be consuming alcohol or drugs before or during race will automatically disqualify entire team. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  26. Poor sportsmanship or deliberate carelessness by any team in the pits or on the track may result in disqualification of entire team.
  27. Batteries must be mounted securely in stock location in stock and modified classes or mounted in a battery box securely as in comp class and not in drivers compartment.
  28. A plate or panel must be designated for entry number to allow starter and timers to see clearly.
  29. Maximum speed in pits is 5 mph or slower.
  30. Test and Tune before or after race must receive authorization from tech or race officials, NO TEST AND TUNE REQUIRING DRIVING THE VEHICLE DURING RACE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For more info please call the Technical Inspectors:
    Trevor Oleson  or Sean Laxton
       (250)372-7721       (250)828-2784

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