Goose Lake Gallery

The Goose Lake MotorSport Jamboree's are Geared for testing drivers abilities, and reactions (and most years I have been a competitor in it), so my photo's are mostly of finish line for obstacle course :( But there are MANY different Events During this weekend..
Offroad Obstacle course
Sand Drags
Barrel Racing (what a hoot!)
and many others which            change yearly.. So always something new to surprise ya.
We have many different classes of Vehicles Competing as well:
With each of these (except Comp) having separate classes within) Short box,Long Box, etc.

Just in case your wondering? This person is receiving the HARD-LUCK trophy, which is given out pretty much at every Jamboree  so far.. But believe it or not, but most participants can and do drive their Vehicles home!!!  It all comes down to how ya feel come race day  I guess :))